Hot on the heels of last weeks announcement of matches for the upcoming Polaris 5 show, the matchmakers have today announced two more bouts that will have fans salivating. First up is Danaher Death Squad member Oliver Taza facing off against Britain’s own, Ross Nicholls. Taza, a brown belt under Tristar head honcho Firas Zahabi, recently won the ADCC trials in Poland and has been actively competing on the submission grappling scene in the US making a name for himself as an up and coming prospect on the circuit. Ross Nicholls is a Roger Gracie black belt who has steadily shown himself to be one of the best lightweight competitors in Europe and has previously medalled in the European Championships in one of the toughest divisions. This promises to be an exciting match between two very talented grapplers.

AJ Agazarm recently requested an opponent for Polaris 5 on social media and the overwhelming choice from fans was Lloyd Cooper. The match was originally due to be contested without the gi, however, according to Cooper, Agazarm has asked for a gi bout, which has been agreed by the organisers and after watching what Cooper did to his opposition at the recent Densetsu event, it is no surprise that Agazarm opted for the gi. There is also little doubt that Agazarm will bring his controversial antics to the table in this match, which will surely add some extra entertainment to what is on paper a very good match up.