Fight to Win Pro will rock up tonight in Seattle with a solid card that may not have the star power of previous events, but still has enough talent on the card to whet the appetite.

Headlining the show is an evenly contested matchup between James ‘300’ Foster and James Puopolo. Foster is a former world masters champion and black belt and is a seasoned competitor in both Gi and No-Gi although he’s more accomplished in the Gi. Puopolo is one of the more accomplished American black belts, winning multiple world championships in the lower belts before getting his black belt from Rafael Lovato Jr. Both of these men have plenty of submissions in their arsenals and are very exciting fighters considering the weights they compete at, so expect this to be an entertaining but evenly contested match-up.

Full Card:

Main Event
Black Belt Heavyweight – Gi
James “300 Foster (Foster BJJ) vs. James Puopolo (Salem-Keizer BJJ)

Co-Main Event
175lbs Black Belt – Gi
Josh Calvo (One Jiu Jitsu) vs Mark Chappell (Gracie Barra)

200lbs Black Belt – Gi
Kurt Shrout (Next Level Martial Arts) vs. Carlos Sievert (Gracie Barra)

195lbs Black Belt – Gi
John Diggins (SBG) vs. Mohamad Mustafa (Elite BJJ)

185lbs Black Belt – NoGi
Charlie Jonson (BJJ of Olympia) vs Lindsey Johnson (Gracie Barra)

175lbs Black Belt – Gi
Robert Wolfe (Riberio JiuJitsu) VS David Stegman (Gracie Barra)

140lbs Black Belt – Gi
Amanda Diggins(SBG)  VS Carly Range

210lbs Black Belt – Gi
Arman Barros (Elite BJJ) VS Gustavo Pires (GPBJJ)

180lbs Black Belt – NoGi
Cody Houston (Game Worx) VS Casey Stentz (Gracie Barra)

205lbs Brown Belt – Gi
Kyle Mitchell (Marcelo Alonso BJJ) vs Joe Marchie (BJJ of Olympia)

155lbs Brown Belt – GI
Scott Stilwell (Electric North Jiu Jitsu) vs Sang Hyun (Elite BJJ)

185lbs Brown Belt – Gi
Billy Yi (Zenith BJJ) vs Matthew Nielsen (Gracie Barra)

175lbs Brown Belt – Gi
Jeremy Hastings (Katharo BJJ) vs Josh Girello (One Jiu Jitsu)

140lbs Brown Belt – GI
Danny Mellilo (Wander Braga Jiu Jitsu) vs Matthew Park (Gracie Barra)

165lbs Brown Belt – No Gi
Shawn Weisenburgh (Mat Chess MMA) vs Chris Stone (Checkmat)

165lbs Brown Belt – Gi
Kiel McDougall (Impact Jiu Jitsu) vs Dex Montenegro (Gracie Barra)

185lbs Brown Belt – Gi
Lee Flores (Impact Jiu Jitsu) vs Vincent Inoncillo (Cobra Kai Jiu Jitsu)

155lbs Brown Belt – Gi
Alex Le (Zenith BJJ) vs Sa Kim (Gracie Barra)

150lbs Purple Belt – Gi
William Mainga (Marcelo Alonso BJJ) vs Jake Blaski (Cageworx)

160lbs Purple Belt – No Gi
Riley Wiseman (Team Wise) vs Shannon Higgason (Gracie Barra)

205lbs Purple Belt – Gi
Antonio Moreno (253 BJJ) vs Gavin Carew (Praxis BJJ)

155lbs Purple Belt – Gi
Sonia Sillan (Elite BJJ) vs Christy Dettmer Van Gerwen (Gracie Barra)

140lbs Purple Belt – No Gi
Austin Daffron (Mat Chess MMA) vs Derek Alumbaiugh (Easton BJJ)

130lbs Purple Belt – Gi
Christine Vogel (Framework BJJ) vs Amy Montenegro (Gracie Barra)

180lbs Purple Belt – Gi
Joey Pierotti (One Jiu Jitsu) vs Kazuki Umemura (Carlson Gracie)

185lbs Purple Belt – Gi
Bladden Bushaw(Marcelo Alonso BJJ) vs Louis Petrich (Gracie Barra)

155lbs Purple Belt – Gi
Nathan Fahey (253 BJJ) vs Garrett Buerner (Elite BJJ)

170lbs Purple Belt – Gi
Chase Hooper (One Jiu Jitsu) vs Sean Batye (Gracie Barra)

240lbs Purple Belt – Gi
Aaron Neumann (Caio Terra BJJ) vs Rockford Beegen (Olympia BJJ)

100lbs Orange Belt – No Gi
Jayda Macatangay (Gracie Barra) vs Haley Vann (10th Planet)