This weekend Caio Terra returns to Fight to Win Pro, after his successful debut back at Fight to Win Pro 33 against Jeff Curran. As a result of that armbar victory, Terra now faces Atos standout, Kristian Woodmansee, for the 135lbs Black Belt Gi title. More well known for his exploits in NoGi, where he holds multiple world titles at the lower belt levels, Woodmansee is one of the top rooster weight competitors in the world, however, he may have his hands full against one of the very best to ever step foot on a mat in Terra. Despite easing his competition schedule over the last few years, Terra is one of the most accomplished competitors in the lighter weight categories and is a highly dangerous competitor who is always searching for a submission. Based purely on their recent performances it would be hard to bet against Terra in this match but if anyone can pull off the upset, it’s Woodmansee.

In the co-main event, Marcelo Garcia product, Gianni Grippo, returns to the Fight to Win Pro stage in a highly anticipated match against Team Alpha Male’s Dustin Akbari in what promises to be a barn-burner featuring two highly skilled and submission hungry competitors. 

The full card is listed below:

135lbs Black Belt Gi Title

Caio Terra (CTA) vs Kristian Woodmansee (Atos)

155lbs Black Belt NoGi

Dustin Akbari (Team Alpha Male) vs Gianni Grippo (Alliance)

170lbs Black Belt Gi

Marcos Torregrosa (Yemaso BJJ) vs Chris Coldiron (Lute Academy Checkmat)

195lbs Black Belt Gi

Paul Nava (Ares BJJ) vs Sergio Silva (Sergio Silva BJJ)

212lbs Black Belt NoGi

Eliot Kelly (EDH BJJ) vs Luke Stewart (Ralph Gracie BJJ)

210lbs Black Belt Gi

Bryan Pangelinan (Sabre Jiu Jitsu) vs Felipe Bragiao (Carlson Gracie)

155lbs Black Belt Gi

Jonathan Van Buren (Ares) vs Davin Maxwell (Maxwell BJJ)

160lbs Black Belt NoGi

Travis Magalit (Checkmat) vs Darin Cooley (Gracie Fighter)

175lbs Black Belt Gi

Shawn Cox (Yemaso BJJ) vs Romulo Melo (Romulo Melo BJJ)

135lbs Black Belt NoGi

Alex Canders (10th Planet) vs Bobby Escalante (Strive Martial Arts)

250lbs Black Belt Gi

Ricardo Barros (Ricardo Barros BJJ) vs Billy Ray Chubbs (Check Mat)

190lbs Black Belt

Rich Bothun (Yemaso BJJ) vs Andre Silva (Carlson Gracie)

195lbs Brown Belt NoGi

David Mitchell (Team Alpha Male)  vs Richard Flores (Stockton Jiu Jitsu)

195lbs Brown Belt Gi

Nicholas Greene (Ralph Gracie) vs Tony Perez (Nova Geração)

160lbs Brown Belt Gi

Julian Flowers (Cassio Werneck) vs Manny Moreno (Ares)

120lbs Brown Belt NoGi

Chelsi Aguayo (Norcal Fighting Alliance) vs Courtney Dubois (Stockton Jiu Jitsu)

190lbs Brown Belt Gi

Benji Silva (CTA) vs Garrett Aldrich (Gracie Barra)

160lbs Brown Belt Gi

Kaan Clark (Beda BJJ) vs Sean Gonsolin (EDHBJJ)

140lbs Purple Belt NoGi

Brooke Mayo (Team Alpha Male) vs Gigi Good (Easton BJJ)

135lbs Purple Belt Gi

Andrew Chesmore (Infinite Jiu-Jitsu) vs Vija Sama (Maxwell BJJ)

195lbs Purple Belt Gi

Jonathan Tomasian (Strive Martial Arts) vs Adam Gilbert (Ralph Gracie)

 165lbs Purple Belt NoGi

Erick Sanchez (Team Alpha Male) vs Bernard Turner (Yemaso BJJ)

165lbs Purple Belt Gi

Jacob Pangelinan (Sabre Jiu Jitsu) vs Jacob Pupo (Cassio Werneck)

125lbs Purple Belt NoGi

Albert Tapia (10th Planet) vs Bryan Ramirez (Carlson Gracie)

155lbs Purple Belt Gi

Roque Reyes (Cortez Martial Arts) vs Lantrell Stocton (Ralph Gracie)

110lbs Orange Belt Gi

Miliani Matir (Darcio Lira) vs Hannah Ripper (Danevile Jiu Jitsu)’

195lbs Orange Belt Gi

Rafael Brragan (Kola Ajose BJJ) vs Cyrus Foster (Ares BJJ)

125lbs Teen Blue Belt NoGi

Aaron Curtin (Carlson Gracie) vs Jeremiah Trujillo (Rice Bros)

100lbs Yellow Belt Gi

Helaina Mosiant (Kola Ajose BJJ) vs Noey Hoch (Daneville Jiu Jitsu)