After a couple of weeks off, Fight To Win Pro returns with a stacked card this weekend with AJ Agazarm facing Ben Henderson in a Gi contest in the headline match.

Agazarm has featured on pretty much every professional grappling promotion at some point this year, as well as competing in IBJJF competitions with mixed success. He’ll be hoping to set himself back on the winning course with a notable win against former UFC Lightweight Champion Ben Henderson.

Henderson has previously competed in ADCC but we’ve not seen a great deal of him in other grappling organisations since then and whilst he may not be known for his grappling prowess in the cage, he certainly is a very capable black belt who is more than capable of pulling off the win against the more seasoned Agazarm. Henderson has a nasty guillotine and while this match may be in the Gi, if he gets chance to lock his arms around the neck of Agazarm expect the match to end pretty quickly. 

Other matches worth watching on the card are as follows;

Flávio Almeida v Diogo Arajuao

Daniel Hampton v Richie Martinez

Magid Hage v Thomas Keenan

Gordon Kimura v Chris Cariaso

Full card as follows;

Main Event 

Ben Henderson vs Aj Agazarm (Gracie Barra)

Co-Main Event

210lbs Black Belt Gi: Flavio Almedia (Gracie Barra) vs Thiago Ximenes (Soul Fighters)

185lbs Black Belt NOGI: Daniel Hampton (GDBJJ) vs Richie Martinez (10th Planet)

190lbs Black Belt Gi: Sean Downie (Lotus Club) vs Daniel Grippaudo (BJJ Revolution)

175Lbs Black Belt Gi: Thoams Keenan (GDBJJ) vs Magid Hage (Gracie Barra)

195lbs Black Belt GI: Andrew Gardineer (One Jiu Jitsu) vs Mario Gaxiola (CTA)

190lbs Black Belt Gi: Horlando Monteiro (GDBJJ) vs Diogo Moreno (Soul Fighters)

165lbs Black Belt Gi: David Reilly (Undisputed) vs Maurição Ferreira (Lotus Club)

225lbs Black Belt NOGI: Francisco France (Power MMA) vs Sal Flores (Soul Fighters)

145lbs Black Belt GI: Josh Rodriguez (GDBJJ) vs Paulo Cezar Drive In (Gracie Barra)

170lbs Black Belt Gi: David Barnes (Ares BJJ) vs Joey Medina (Damri BJJ)

145lbs Black Belt NOGI: Gordon Kimura (Inverse BJJ) vs Chris Cariaso (Rise Combat Sports)

165lbs Black  Belt GI: Jeffrey Donovan (Alliance) vs Diogo Ferreira (Gracie Barra)

Brown BeltHeavy Weight NOGI: Jose Munoz  Ares vs CoreY Mullis (TNT MMA)

185lbs Brown Belt Gi: Jake Watson (Maracaba BJJ) vs Mark Christian NOGI

115lbs Brown Belt Gi: Lesliee Gardineer (One Jiu Jitsu) vs Karen Kovach Lingle (Genesis Jiu Jitsu)

140lbs Brown Belt NOGI: Steeyle Levine (10th Planet) vs Christian Natividad

165lbs Brown Belt Gi: Aaron Wilson (GDBJJ) vs Ismat Abdulhamid (Inverse Jiu Jitsu)

185lbs Brown Belt Gi: John Burns (Absolute MMA) vs Dan Radoff (Relson Gracie Arizona)

 130lbs Purple Belt NOGI: Brañdan Olivas (One Jiu Jitsu) vs Seth Wheeler (GDBJJ)

 155lbs Purple Belt Gi: Korey Kerber (Atos) vs Chris Calloway (Ares BJJ)

 125lbs Purple Belt NOGI: Mike Owens (Ground Zero MMA) vs Jet Lee (Cannon MMA)

 160lbs Purple Belt Gi: Spencer Nolan (Relson Gracie Arizona) vs Brent Lehman (CTA)

Heavy Weight Purple Belt NOGI: Nick Larranaga (Tnt MMA) vs Michael Cashman (Gracie Barra) 

Heavy Weight Purple Belt GI: Stephen Heaven (Megaton BJJ) vs Keola Kalama (Ares)

155lbs Purple Belt NOGI: Cody Elmer (10th Planet) vs Kevin Natividad (Arizona Combat Sports)

155lbs Teen Green Belt Gi: Jessie Mccurry (Cannon BJJ) vs Jaya Haggerty (CTA)

 90lbs Yellow Belt NOGI: Delton Kaufmann (Maracaba BJJ) vs Xavier Castillo (One Jiu Jitsu)

 95lbs Yellow Belt Gi: JJ Swat (Maracaba BJJ) vs Bryce Smith (Lotus Club)

125lbs Yellow Belt Gi: Lexi Borunda (One Jiu Jitsu) vs Noelani Herrera (Atos)

115lbs Yellow Belt Gi: Nina Sandoval (Carlson Gracie) vs Madison Mothershed (Maracaba BJJ)