Fight To Win Pro 27 went down on March 3. Check the full results below.

Fight To Win Pro 27 Full Results:

Black Belt

Nathiely Karoline def. Tammy Griego via submission (toe hold) Submission of the Night
Cleber Luciano def. Jean Dalula via unanimous decision Fight of the Night
Jose Portillo def. Travis Moore via unanimous decision
Jamir Toledo def. Fernando Rodriguez via unanimous decision

Brown Belt

Lance Yager def. Jose Aquino via submission (armbar) Submission of the Night
Matthew Fox def. Anthony Leon via submission
Alex Henley def. Dagoberto Chapa via submission (armbar)
Ricardo Castañeda def. Jimmy Altman via submission (heel hook)
Tommy McCay def. Leslie Milikaa via unanimous decision Fight of the Night
Ralphy Sebexen def. Jon Thibeault via submission (heel hook)
Lin Hughs def. Adrian Mendoza via submission
Jordan Larsen def. Ed Collins via unanimous decision
Corey Bacak def. Caleb Johnson via unanimous decision

Purple Belt

Martin Rojas def. Adam Dobie via submission (kimura)
Laura Heiman def. Andrea Jordan via unanimous decision
Christopher Hinojosa def. Chris Orozoco via submission (armbar) Fight of the Night
Brittney Olinda Elkin def. Ketra Bartek via unanimous decision
Gabe Nixon def. Howard Smith via unanimous decision
Bill Watts def. Kody Steele via submission (triangle choke)
Manuel Aguilar def. Chase Cozart via submission (calf Slicer) Submission of the Night
Fernando Bernstein def. Shawn via submission (Kelcher choke)
Chris Cabiya def. Reinaldo Villa via submission (armbar)
Giancarlo Bodoni def. Antonio Zuazo via unanimous decision
Tyler Upchurch def. Nathan Torres via unanimous decision

Teen Results

William Tackett def. Kobe Amador via submission
Cole Abate def. Jesus Salazar via submission (armbar) Submission of the Night
Andrew Tackett def. Andres Ramirez via unanimous decision
Joshua Hahm def. Freddy Marquez via unanimous decision Fight of the Night