Following his 10th round TKO loss to Floyd Mayweather in the boxing ring, UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor had many new fans, but also had many critics.

Two of the most notable people poking fun at McGregor’s loss were Brazilian’s Jose Aldo and Rafael dos Anjos. No, Brazilians don’t hate Conor, that’s just a coincidence. Aldo is a past opponent, whom was stopped in 13-seconds at UFC 194, while RDA was scheduled to face the Irishman, but pulled out of the bout citing a foot injury.

The rivalry between Aldo and Conor has stemmed way back to over a year before their fight, but since that infamous left hand landed, it’s been Aldo doing the chasing, making the call outs, and Conor not acknowledging him. “The Notorious” seems to have moved on, evidently to bigger and better things, while Aldo consistently rallies for a rematch.

Dos Anjos didn’t even get to step inside the cage with McGregor, suffering a broken foot in training. As is always the way leading up to Conor McGregor fights, there was trash talk galore, and both men traded barbs. The cancellation of the fight ultimately ended up being the start of McGregor’s biggest rivalry, as Nate Diaz stepped in to replace the former lightweight champion.

As is the case with Aldo, Dos Anjos has chased McGregor, called him out on multiple occasions, and has always had the Irishman in his sights. It could be said that both the men have made themselves look a little desperate, more so Aldo.

One of the most detrimental things either of these guys have done in this time, came right after McGregor was stopped by Floyd Mayweather. Aldo posted this on Twitter:

And Dos Anjos wrote this:

Since the tweets were posted, both men have came under heavy criticism for ‘kicking a man while he’s down’. Many fans have questioned the amount of money either guy has made, along will reminding them that Conor is MMA’s biggest star right now.

Another reason, and maybe the main reason these men have received criticism, is because a large majority of the MMA community rallied around Conor to represent the sport, and hopefully win the fight, and after the bout, many in the community felt he had done very well in the bout and had represented our side of things well.

The two past foes certainly did not think so, and both poked fun at McGregor, which lead them to be on the wrong end of the MMA community, and we all know that’s not a nice thing.