BJJ superstar and quite possibly the most in form competitor on the planet right now, Leandro Lo, will make his long awaited debut under the ADCC rule-set in a superfight at the West Coast trials on April 15 in Anaheim. His opponent will be multiple time world champion and former ADCC champion, Braulio Estima.

This will be the first time we’ve seen Estima compete without the Gi in a while and he’s not competed at the ADCC since a superfight in 2013. It will be great to see the veteran return to action, especially in a match fresh his high profile.

Whilst he’s been dominating the Gi competition scene, we’ve not seen too much of Leandro Lo in no-gi competition lately so a match against Estima will be a great indicator as to whether the same style of Jiu Jitsu he’s had so much success with in Gi, translates across to his No-Gi game against an opponent of this calibre.