(Credit: Hywel Teague FloGrappling)

The last of the divisions at this years ADCC is possibly one of the toughest, with the weight range of the competitors being so wildly different that it’s very rare for one of the lighter competitors to pick up the title. However, there are some very good competitors in the division who will make for some interesting match ups and with the previous champion, Anna Cordeiro not competing, their will be a new champion crowned.

Winner; Gabi Garcia is a former 2x ADCC champion and despite spending time recently working on her MMA career, the nine time world champion will be the one to beat in the division. Garcia may have lost some of her size recently, but she is still a formidable opponent and posses the skills to beat anyone in the weight class.

Contenders; Jessica Flowers has had a successful career in both Gi and No-Gi competitions and with a win over Garcia on her CV already, she’ll be keen to prove that it wasn’t a fluke. Talita Nogueira is another accomplished competitor who is currently competing in MMA but does have a world title to her name and despite being somewhat smaller than the other competitors in the division, has the skills to be competitive with all of them. Venla Luukkonen and Amanda Santana are both decorated competitors who will be keen to prove they aren’t there just to make up the numbers.

One to watch; Samantha Cook made a name for herself after winning the European championships at Purple and Brown belt before going on to win the World No-Gi title at Brown belt and after winning the European trials, Cook may not have the resume of the other competitors in the division but she’s a gritty fighter who won’t be easy for anyone to get past.