Jay-Ar “Chicano” Campos is set to face Chris Gaile at Clan Wars 27 on Saturday, March 25.

The Sprawl hit Campos up with a quick fire Q&A ahead of his fight, to find out a little bit more about him.

Thanks for taking the time to speak to The Sprawl, Jay. Could you tell our readers about the type of fighter you are?
I am a mixed martial artist with no martial art background whatsoever. I try my best to mix it up, but I am confident in all areas.

There are seven fighters competing from Team Kokoro Mixed Martial Arts at Clan Wars 27, how has confidence been in the camp?
Confidence is just right on track. Our coach Daragh Kennedy makes sure we are well prepared for this, all the guys Alex, Hugh, Ciaran, Anto, Chris and Noel are training hard and pushing each other to the limit. We’re looking to put on a show and hopefully come home with two belts for the gym.

You go into your fight with Chris Gaile (3-3) at Clan Wars 27 on the back of submitting a tough opponent in Matthew Mullen (0-2) at On Top: Face/off. Overall, what did you think of your performance and was there anything you felt needed to be worked on?
There were a few bits and pieces I had to work on, but I made sure that I was ready for what he had to offer me to in that cage – every fight is different. When I fight Chris Gaile it won’t be like that fight against Matthew Mullen, I will make sure that this will be the toughest fight he has had and hopefully I come home with a finish.

How much do you know about your opponent Chris Gaile and are you expecting a tough fight from him as he heads into this one on the back of a submission loss?
I know a little bit, I have seen him fight a few times and I was meant to fight him two years ago I think he got injured. I expect him to give me all he has on the night, but I am confident I will come home with that W.

You have fought in four title fights and won one (Akuma lightweight belt – Akuma FC 9) how invaluable will these experiences be for you moving forward in your amateur career and eventually turning professional?
Those title fights are all about experience. Really, it does not matter for me if I lose, it is all about experiencing defeat. This has taught me a good lesson: to not give up. The plan will be to defend my title successfully for Akuma and see if there is a chance for me to turn pro. But, if it doesn’t go my way, I would probably lay back for a while and wait for the right time.

You will be defending your Akuma Lightweight belt against John Mitchell (4-0) at Akuma Fighting Championship on Saturday April 23, how confident are you that you will retain your title?
This fight I am really excited for, John Mitchell has some good striking, it should be a really good fight, but I am confident I could finish him. No disrespect to him, but that belt is staying with me!

You have fought at many events at different weight classes, has it been a struggle to find a suitable weight for your career or has it purely been that you will fight anyone at any weight class?
There is no issue for me fighting at different weights. It just depends who I am offered to fight. But yes, I would fight at any weight class as along as I can make the weight.

Your devastating flying knee win over Mical Vojtanic at Clan Wars 21 was one for the highlight reel. Are you planning more show stoppers as your fight career progresses?
I will always try my best to get the highlight reel finish. If it’s there, it’s there, but if not, it’s not. Hopefully I will have a few more knockout finishes, that would be sweet!

Lastly, what does 2017 have in store for Jay-ar Campos?
2017 will be my year and for the rest of the guys in Kokoro MMA that are on the same mission as me.