ACB 70 takes place live from the Sheffield Arena in Sheffield, England. On the card, one of the most promising athletes coming out of the UK will make his fourth professional appearance.

Adam Bramhald, who is from Yorkshire, England and trains out of Asylum Vale Tudo has amassed a 2-1 record over the course of three fights, earning two stoppage wins in his first two, before dropping a TKO loss last December at CSFC 16.

The Sprawl caught up with the Englishman prior to his fight at ACB 70.

This is your second fight under the ACB Banner, how much do you enjoy fighting for ACB, and why?

ACB is ranked the 3rd largest promotion in the world for a reason and personally in terms of fights it could be higher. I absolutely love the show and want to keep working with them throughout my career, their promotion and set up is second to none.


Both of your professional wins have come by way of stoppage, do you see this fight going the same way?

This fight is an open book to me. I can see it being a hard fought fight which I win, but I know I definitely have plenty of tools to get the finish.

You are entering this fight coming off the first professional loss of your career, does this change your approach in training at all?

I’ve trained more or less the same but added a new boxing coach and a conditioning coach For the last fight nothing went right in the build up as I suffered an injury 3 weeks out. For this fight, everything ran as smoothly as I could have hoped.

There has been a lot of attention on weight cutting in recent months, what is your view on this, and how much weight do you cut?

It’s certainly been my easiest weight cut as a professional fighter. I’m a lot lighter and leaner than my previous fights, but I’ve done this over a longer period of time to stop myself feeling over worked or depleted. From start to finish I will lose around 11kg over 3 months with a small water cut included.


Adam faces Luke Shanks tomorrow, Saturday, September 23 in a bantamweight bout. Earlier today, “The Samurai” weighed in comfortably, hitting the scales at a lean 135.5lbs.