ACB 70 takes place live from the Sheffield Arena in Sheffield, England tomorrow, September 23.

15-fights are scheduled for the card, but before the fighters step into the cage, all 30 of them had to step on to the scale.

Three fighters missed the allocated weight limit, but all of the scheduled bouts will still go ahead.

You can find the full ACB 70 weigh in results below.

Scott Askham (185.5lbs)  vs.  Luke Barnatt (186lbs) – Middleweight (186lbs)
Ibragim Chuzhigaev (189.5lbs) vs.  Will Noland (189.5lbs) – Catchweight
Adam Townsend (170lbs)  vs.  Husein Kushagov (170lbs) – Welterweight (171lbs)
Diego Marlon (148lbs)* vs.  Bubba Jenkins (144lbs) – Featherweight (146lbs)
Ismael de Jesus (170lbs)  vs.  Ismail Naurdiev (171lbs) – Welterweight (171lbs)
Kane Mousah (156lbs)  vs.  Alex Enlund (156lbs) – Lightweight (156lbs)
Filip Macek (135lbs)  vs.  Kharon Orzumiev (136lbs) – Bantamweight (136lbs)
Sam Boult (171lbs) vs.  Ashley Reece (167lbs) – Welterweight (171lbs)
Shoaib Yousaf (146lbs) vs.  Jordan Vucenic (145lbs) – Featherweight (146lbs)
Aaron Robinson (125lbs) vs.  Cheya Saleem (129lbs)* – Flyweight (126lbs)
Magomed Ginazov (136lbs)  vs.  Ioan Vrânceanu (136lbs) – Bantamweight (136lbs)
Jordan Barton (145lbs) vs.  Richard Herbert (145lbs) – Featherweight (146lbs)
Adam Bramhald (135.5lbs) vs.  Luke Shanks (135.5lbs) – Bantamweight (136lbs)
Danny Tombs (171lbs)  vs.  Gavin Sterritt (170.5lbs) – Welterweight (171lbs)
Aaron Aby (129lbs)  vs.  Daniel Missin (132.5)* – Catchweight

*Fighter missed the allocated weight limit, will be fined 30% of their purse.