This Friday night, former EBi champion Eddie Cummings takes on Samir Chantre for the Fight To Win Pro featherweight title.

Cummings is a John Danaher black belt who is widely regarded as one of the most dangerous leg lockers on the planet, as well as having an encyclopaedic knowledge of the systems taught by Danaher. In fact, according to Danaher himself, Cummings is able to transfer his philosophies into actions better than the others amongst the Death Squad.

Having recently lost his EBi title in overtime to Geo Martinez, Cummings will be keen to add a new title to his resume and this presents the perfect opportunity.

Chantre is a multiple time world medalist in both Gi and No-Gi and will provide Cummings with one of his sternest challenges to date. Chantre spent a lot of time training with Caio Terra after receiving his black belt, and as a result has an extremely technical game – including a rather nasty toe hold.

Having lost to Gianni Grippo at Fight To Win 25, Chantre will be hoping for a change in fortune this time around.

Fight To Win Pro 31 Full Card:

Black Belt No-Gi featherweight title: Samir Chantre (Ares) vs. Eddie Cummings (Renzo Gracie)
170lbs Black Belt Gi: Jared Weiner (United BJJ) vs. John Disimone (Maxercise)
120lbs Black Belt Gi: Samantha Faulhaber (Gracie Humatia) vs. Fiona Watson (Fight Club BJJ)
185lbs Black Belt Gi: Jason Youseph (Carlson Gracie BJJ) vs. Levi Lalonde (Roots Athletics)
140lbs Black Belt Gi: Aaron Morris (RMNU) vs. Sidemar Honorio (Renzo Gracie BJJ)
185lbs Black Belt No-Gi: Michael Dipiero (United BJJ) vs. Kyle Braun (SAS)
160lbs Black Belt Gi: Pete Shoemaker (Precision BJJ) vs. Jay Mcminn (Vitor Shaolin BJJ)
200lbs Black Belt Gi: Nick Calvanese (United BJJ) vs. Jonavin Webb (Renzo Gracie)
170lbs Black Belt Gi: Daniel Tavares (SAS) vs. David Porter (Pedro Sauer BJJ)
175lbs Black Belt Gi: Marcelo Mattos (Tiger Shark BJJ) vs. Steve Linton (Maxercise)
170lbs Black Belt Gi: Steven Calvanese (United BJJ) vs. Carlos Rodiguez (New Jersey Martial Arts)
145lbs Brown Belt No-Gi: John Battle (Mchugh BJJ) vs. Zach Maslany (10th Planet BJJ)
140lbs Brown Belt Gi: John Naples (RMNU) vs. Brian Clouser (Conquest BJJ)
180lbs Brown Belt Gi: Taylor Bright (Marcelo Garcia BJJ) vs. Bassil Hafez (Balance Studios)
170lbs Brown Belt Gi: Randy Myers (127 BJJ) vs. Dylan Royce (Precision BJJ)
185lbs Brown Belt Gi: Thiago Thomaz (SAS) vs. Nick Brango (3rd Generation MMA)
150lbs Brown Belt No-Gi: Merlin Ramos (RABJJ) vs. Tyler Connal (Roots Athletics)
210lbs Purple Belt Gi: Will Schlucter (United BJJ) vs. Steve Gagon (Hassets BJJ)
135lbs Purple Belt Gi: Valor Boyer (127 BJJ) vs. Justin Dollard (RABJJ)
185lbs Purple Belt Gi: Anthony Cronce (United BJJ) vs. Dominic Tabita (Maxercise)
140lbs Purple Belt Gi: Morgan Beverly (Roots Atheltics) vs. Nancy Helmy (Mchugh BJJ)
180lbs Purple Belt Gi: Phil Mento (Paramount BJJ) vs. Pete Di Fabio (Gracie Humatia)
120lbs Purple Belt Gi: Alexandria Whitlock (Zenight BJJ) vs. Danielle Kelly (Sempri Fi MMA)
170lbs Purple Belt No-Gi: Aaron Murtaugh (Team Balance) vs. Jack Tankersley (United BJJ)
130lbs Purple Belt Gi: Natalie Konieczny (Maxercise) vs. Abagail Pacinelli (Paramount BJJ)
135lbs Purple Belt Gi: Kyle Huang (Roots Athletics) vs. Devin Dantzler (Webb BJJ)
175lbs Purle Belt No-Gi: Jared Chumley (Tiger Shark BJJ) vs. Jon Blank (10th Planet)
155lbs Purple Belt Gi: Daniel Maira (MPR MMA) vs. Dennis Pressey Jr (Atos)
170lbs Purple Belt Gi: Brittney Elkin (Kompound) vs. Bridget Grace (Renzo Gracie)
110lbs Teen No-Gi: Grace Gundram (10th Planet) vs. Gabby Etzel (Hive Martial Arts)