Like your standard ‘matches to make next’, but with an emphasis on fantasy and a disregard for probability. Basically, fights that should happen, but probably won’t.

Two prospects, one brutal stone. Actually, make it a bullet.

It’s not the approved approach, but given how the sport is descending into the futile, pointless misery that is boxing, why not have some fun while we still can?

Joe Duffy looked to be in fine form, picking Reza Medadi apart and showing off his superior…well, everything. Let’s dispense of the Conor McGregor talk, it’s not going to happen and Duffy’s already completed that level (with ease).

Marc Diakiese is a video game character with all the cheats enabled. Having read the script, Diakiese already knows when you’re going to throw a punch and, therefore, when your head is going to bounce off the canvas. In many ways, it’s a little unfair.

Anyway, seeing as how the new owners of the UFC seemingly hate the sport, the fighters and the fans, pair them up and ruin a prospect.

Oh, and cut the loser.

Brad Pickett: Don’t worry, it’s not what you think.

Leave the hat where it is, we’re not going down that route.

We’ve seen a few of the old guard thrown from the gravy train recently, with Matt Hughes and Chuck Liddell being let go by the company. But here’s the thing: WE’RE NOT CONVINCED THEY WERE ACTUALLY DOING ANYTHING.

Instead of make believe job titles, why not get a mutually beneficial thing going? Some of these guys have more to give than pretending to work or heading into the Bellator retirement league. There’s plenty going on in the UK/EU MMA scene and few are as involved in the grass roots side of things as Pickett.

Find a way to harness that and reap the rewards.

Marlon Vera: Marlon, we need a favour…

He may have shat all over our fairy tale ending, but Marlon Vera‘s not the bad guy.

Stepping in on short notice, Vera actually saved the day. Without him, there would have been no #LastDance for Pickett last night. It’s not an enviable position to be in, walking to the cage as the most hated man in the venue. But you know what? He walked out of there having made a few new fans, even though he ruined everybody’s fun.

Marlon, your post-fight speech was enough for us to forgive you, but there’s something we need you to do now: Bash Enrique Briones again. You’ve already knocked him out once, so we know you’re up to the job.

It was Briones who was supposed to fight Pickett, three times now. We’ll never know how last night might have looked had he turned up. Either way, you work for us now Marlon, go get this yellow-bellied coward!


Yes, there’s a theme to this week’s MTWM. You think I’m going to hide my bias? This is UK MMA, it’s encouraged. Whilst the UFC piqued my interest, it was the blue canvas that really got me interested.


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