Fight To Win Pro 30 takes place this Friday night from Bayville, New Jersey and as you’d expect, it features some local talent on the card. However, the local talent from New Jersey isn’t like local talent from most other places on the planet and that makes this card a must watch for Grappling fans.

In the main event, Renzo Gracie black belt, former UFC and Bellator fighter, and social media philosopher, Tom DeBlass takes on former UFC heavyweight champion, Ricco Rodriguez in a heavyweight No-Gi match that pits two seasoned veterans against one other in an intriguing match that has the potential to end seconds after it has begun.

DeBlass has an accomplished background in not only MMA but in submission grappling too, winning ADCC trials, world championships at lower belts and grapplers quest competitions. As well as being a ferocious competitor, DeBlass has also brought through the ranks a certain Garry Tonon.

Rocco Rodriguez is no slouch himself and can count among his accomplishments a gold medal at the ADCC championships, a UFC heavyweight title and having close to 80 professional MMA fights. With just under half his wins in MMA coming via submission, it’s safe to say this match isn’t to be missed.

In the co-main event, Danaher Death Squad alumni Gordon Ryan will face Atos Jiu Jitsu’s Lucas Barbosa in a light-heavyweight No-Gi title match.

Whilst Ryan is a name well known to the casual grappling fan and his skills well publicised, Barbosa isn’t. That’s not to say Barbosa isn’t a good competitor, more so that Ryan knows exactly how to get people talking about him away of the mat. Barbosa however, relies on his skills on the mat to get people talking and with world championships at brown belt and black belt, it’s safe to say he’s doing that pretty well.

Barbosa is a big fan of pressure passing and will use this to keep his opponent working when on their back whilst trying to secure a superior position. This will no doubt open the match up for some scrambles and with leg locking skills as good as Ryan’s, it could produce some excellent entertainment.

Fight To Win Pro 30 Full Card:

Heavyweight Black Belt No-Gi: Tom Deblass vs. Ricco Rodriguez
Light-heavyweight Black Belt No-Gi title: Gordon Ryan (Renzo Gracie) vs. Lucas Barbosa (Atos)
Lightweight Black Belt Gi title: Gianni Grippo (Alliance) vs. Osvaldo Queixinho Moizinho (Ares BJJ)
200lbs Black Belt Gi: Kurt Pellegrino (Pellegrino MMA) vs. Steve Mathis (Triton Fight Center)
170lbs Black Belt Gi: Chris Ulbricht (Garden State BJJ) vs. Steve Austin (Sion BJJ)
240lbs Black Belt No-Gi: Miguel Benitez (Ocean County BJJ) vs. Jesse Stokes (End Game BJJ)
125lbs Black Belt Gi: Chris Noonan (The Hive) vs. Jimmy Santiago (Animals MMA)
210lbs Black Belt No-Gi: Phil Dunlap (Asylum Mma) vs. Drew Puzon (Renzo Gracie)
160lbs Black Belt Gi: Dan Covel (Covel BJJ) vs. William Martinez (Martinez BJJ)
170lbs Black Belt No-Gi: Max Bohanan (RABJJ) vs. Todd Levin (Yamasaki Academy)
190lbs Black Belt Gi: Jarod Lawton (Lawton BJJ) vs. Lincoln Perriera (Renzo Gracie)
125lbs Brown Belt No-Gi: Crystal Vanessa Demopoulos (Apocalypse Jiu Jitsu) vs. Rachel Beach (Fight Club BJJ)
190lbs Brown Belt Gi: Keith Holland (Cabeca BJJ) vs. Josh Key (DRBJJ)
215lbs Brown Belt No-Gi: Edward Mccay (Shore BJJ) vs. Josh Weinstock (Team Balance)
205lbs Brown Belt Gi: Mike Kalika (Team Fabio Clemente) vs. Anthony Del Guercio (Savarese BJJ)
165lbs Brown Belt Gi: Marcus Johnson (Garden State BJJ) vs. Nick Manela (RABJJ)
160lbs Brown Belt No-Gi: Natalie Bryjova (Diesel Training Center) vs. Jessica Swanson (Soul Fighters)
155lbs Brown Belt Gi: Nicholas Salles (Pure Wave BJJ) vs. Ashure Elbanna (Lion Heart MMA)
180lbs Brown Belt No-Gi: Brian Satcher (Garden State BJJ) vs. Brian Procel (Savarese BJJ)
155lbs Purple Belt No-Gi: Andrew Vidal (Brunzwick BJJ) vs. Josh Baker (Inferno MMA)
180lbs Purple Belt Gi: Patrick Hemenway (Team Pellegrino) vs. Antoine Delannoy (Up Top BJJ)
155lbs Purple Belt No-Gi: Roothchild St. Germaine (Focus Brand Int) vs. Abdul Nasir (RABJJ)
145lbs Purple Belt Gi: Christopher Tuzeneu (Team Pellegrino) vs. Tim Schillng (Animals MMA)
185lbs Purple Belt No-Gi: Justin Glove (Inferno MMA) vs. David Gonzalez (Ocean County BJJ)
120lbs Purple Belt Gi: Andrea Jordan (Team Pellegrino) vs. Andrea Fahl (Worchester MMA)
205lbs Purple Belt No-Gi: Leon Jackson (RABJJ) vs. Scott Satcher (Garden State BJJ)
155lbs Green Belt Gi: Savion Maranon (Covel BJJ) vs. Mateen Stevens (Unity BJJ)
160lbs Blue Belt Gi: Leo Alves (Savarese BJJ) vs. Dametrius Sturdivant (Aforce BJJ)
80lbs Teen Orange Belt Gi: Nick Geissler (Garden State BJJ) vs. Alex Johnson (Unity BJJ)