Please, tell me that was the last time we are going to see BJ Penn fighting. Honestly, it weren’t even the fact that BJ put on a bad performance, it was the fact that Yair Rodriguez was so good.

This was definitely a coming out party for Yair, who literally dominated BJ Penn like BJ was a child. Rodriguez smashed Penn up with kick after kick; whether it was a flashy kick, or a traditional kick, it landed, and it did damage.

The most notable shot that landed in the first round was probably a vicious left head kick which rocked, and staggered BJ. Yair poured it on, but BJ stayed tough and refused to give up. It was tough to even watch round one, and at the end of it, I had it 10-8 for Yair.

Things didn’t get any better for BJ in the second frame, and almost instantly, Rodriguez tagged him with a front kick and followed up with a right hand, resulting in BJ hitting the canvas for the first time. Yair poured it on with fierce hammer fists and punches. Big John McCarthy looked on as the punches continuously bounced of Penn’s head, and with people all around screaming for him to stop the fight, he eventually did.

BJ’s return probably couldn’t have went any worse than that, and the former UFC Lightweight and Welterweight champion was finished 24-seconds into the second round. For Yair, he puts on the best performance of his career, and improves to 10-1, while BJ drops to 16-11-2.