UFC Fight Night 107 is officially a wrap. British fighters on the card went 5-3, but although the wins outweigh the losses, the fighters who went out without wins, may have made the biggest headlines.

Scott Askham, Darren Stewart, and Brad Pickett were the Brits that ended up on the losing side yesterday. Askham lost his second straight fight, and is now 2-4 in the UFC. Stewart has one no contest in the UFC, with one loss; both of those results coming against Francimar Barroso. Pickett, win or lose, was done last night, so it’s the last we’ll see of him.

Askham was the first British fighter to lose, dropping a Split Decision to fellow Englishman Brad Scott. Many thought the decision was controversial, but looking at the record, that doesn’t matter. As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, the 28-year-old is 2-4 in the promotion, and is on a two fight skid. Realistically, with the way the new owners have been dismissing people left right and centre, the former BAMMA Middleweight Champion could be on his way out.

For lack of better word, Darren Stewart is in a weird position. He made his promotional debut at UFC Fight Night 100, but his fight with Francimar Barroso was ruled a no contest after an accidental headbutt. A rematch between the pair was set up and took place in Stewart’s home country. During the fight, the much more experienced Barroso utilised strong wrestling and stuck to a game plan to hand Stewart his first professional loss. With two fights, one loss and one no contest, Stewart is stuck in a strange place in the UFC. Although I don’t think he will be cut, he may be fighting for his job next time out.

Brad “One Punch” Pickett stepped into the octagon for the last time on Saturday’s main card. A pioneer of UK MMA, it was a monumental occasion for him to retire in front of his own. Pickett was seemingly two rounds ahead, and probably should have secured a takedown and rode out the win. Brad Pickett being Brad Pickett, though, he decided to stand, but it ended up being a disastrous decision. With just over one minute remaining in the third, the 38-year-old got cracked with a head kick, dropped, and finished with strikes.

It was by far the most emotional part of the night, with the fans being stunned into silence – that was until they started booing Marlon Vera moments later. Although emotional, it was amazing to see Pickett bow out on his own terms, in front of his own. Honestly, he didn’t look half bad doing it.