“The Karate Hottie” Michelle Waterson got the job done tonight, but it weren’t the karate that was the defining factor in this fight, it was the grappling. Waterson choked out “12 Gauge” Paige VanZant in just one round.

Round one started with Waterson taking the centre of the octagon while PVZ danced and used footwork, staying on the outside. Waterson continuously used the front leg side kick to the body whenever VanZant attempted to come in, but Paige did manage to get in at one point. A short flurry of punches by both women before they clinched, and then Waterson pushed PVZ back to the cage before executing a perfect head and arm throw. PVZ landed and immediately tried to scramble, but gave Waterson her back in the process. The Jackson-Wink fighter weren’t going to say no to that offer, and promptly got the arm under the chin. The choke seemed to be in forever, with VanZant remaining extremely calm and continuing to hand fight.

Although remaining calm, Paige was desperately trying to hand fight, but her time was up, the oxygen weren’t getting to her brain anymore, and she went to sleep. The 22-year-old was unconscious for just a second or two when John McCarthy stepped in. Although she did regain consciousness as soon as the bout was called to a halt, “12 Gauge” didn’t complain about the stoppage.