Five years between fights is a long time. Given that his previous outing was in the UFC, it looked like we’d seen the last of Nick Osipczak inside the cage.

That was until his victorious return to action at Macto Championships back in 2015.

The former TUF competitor and five-time UFC veteran spent that time away “studying Tai Chi, travelling the world learning from different Masters.” On the surface, an entirely different prospect to stepping into a cage and fighting men in mixed martial arts competition, but one rooted in Osipczak’s obvious deep connection to martial arts, and the arts in general.

“Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art that also has amazing health benefits!” Explained Osipczak. “I have also been establishing myself as one of the world’s leading Sacred Geometry Artists, creating pieces of art that pay homage to and utilize the divine patterns found in nature.”

Art is a key word here. Martial or otherwise, Osipczak is an artist. As well as spending time teaching in Oxfordshire, the United States, Germany and Goa, the 32-year-old will be completing his third art series in 2017, entitled ‘Black & Gold.’

From the Black and Gold series
From the Black and Gold series

“I’ve always done what I’ve loved,” said Osipczak. “As the saying goes, if you choose to follow what you love, you will never work a day in your life!

“I am focusing on passing on my martial knowledge to the next generation, teaching intensive workshops around the world. People come to me to immerse themselves in the martial way, where I teach them all aspects of cultivating mind, body and spirit.”

What is the art community’s gain is (at least for now) the MMA community’s loss. Though keen to make it clear that the cage door isn’t permanently shut, “never say never,” for the time being, MMA will have to live without ‘Slick’ and his legendary ‘helicopter punches’.

“For the next 2-3 years I will be concentrating on the Raised Spirit intensive workshops.

“At this stage of my life, I have no desire to compete anymore, and am gaining more joy from meeting new people and helping them achieve their goals.”

So what of that one-time-only return to the cage back at Macto? What was it like getting back in there after so long?

“It was an extreme experience with both massive highs and lows. On the one hand, I suffered a serious injury which required double surgery but on the other, I was victorious in battle in front on many thousands of fans.

“I made history in becoming the first person to successfully represent Tai Chi in the sport of mixed martial arts.”

Osipczak uploads regular free informational videos on all things health and internal martial arts. You can find those on his YouTube channel HERE.