Jake George returns to action tomorrow night as he takes on Arii Tahitoe in a K1 fight at Contenders 18.

George took his time to talk to The Sprawl before his fight as he embarks on a comeback.

Hi Jake. It’s been almost two years since you last fought in the cage. Tell us what you’ve been up to during that time?

In the 2 years I’ve been away a lot has happened. I’ve moved house with my mum from Norwich to south London for training purposes. I’ve still been training in that time but trying to find the right balance between training & working. I was meant to fight a few times last year but injuries and more important responsibilities pulled me out of the fights.

Was there any particular reason why you took an extended hiatus from MMA?

Yes, the main reason for taking a break from MMA was my little boy Miloh, he was born 24th December 2015. I wanted to work and also spend as much time with him to bond whilst he was a new born. It’s been over a year now since he was born so things are falling back into place but better, everything happens for a reason. I’m only just 18 so I’ve got all the time in the world. I’ve been fighting since I was 12 so there’s no need to rush.

You’re back this weekend against Arii Tahitoe. With the extended layoff, do you feel any differently going into this fight?

No not really. Obviously the nerves are there just like any fight, but I feel more confident than ever after the break I had. My mind is clearer and I have no pressure. MMA isn’t my number one priority anymore, my son is priority so there is no need for me to put any unnecessary pressure on myself. I’ve improved a lot since my last fight, mind, ability and I’m a lot bigger.

How much do you know about your opponent, Arii Tahitoe?

I don’t really know much about my opponent besides he’s from EAMMA, which I already have history with. I’ve fought another fighter from there and finished them in the 1st round. Only thing else I know I’ve got the range against him and that he’s a southpaw but that means nothing. A fight is a fight and anyone can lose, I know what I need to do.

Idris Elba trained at Double K gym for his recent documentary on the Discovery channel. What was it like being in the presence of a film star and were you able to get any rounds in with Elba?

Yeah it was a good experience. Idris and our coach, Kieran Keddle, trained abroad a lot and the times Idris was training at Double k I wasn’t there besides a few times.

I didn’t get any rounds in unfortunately, but I would’ve loved to. But we did train together one time only holding pads, bag and a bit of drills. Other times Idris was just in the classes I was in not specifically training together.

How soon do you reckon you will be back in the cage after February 25th and is there anyone you’d particularly like to fight?

I want to get back into the cage ASAP, preferably 3-4 weeks after if I get no injuries, I’ll see what Keddle & Chris Fig from Elite MMA Agency have for me. This year is all about fighting and improving I’m looking to keep active and take as many names out as possible. February 25th I take my first name.


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