Scotsman Chris Duncan faces Luhasz Szarafiniah on March 4th at Headhunters Fighting Championship in a title fight.

With less than once month until fight night, Duncan took the time to speak to The Sprawl about all things MMA.

Thanks for taking the time to speak to the The Sprawl, Chris. Could you tell our readers about the type of fighter you are?

“I feel I am very exciting. I always go for the finish. Too many people just play it safe and grind fights out.”

Your last victory was against Makinde Adeyemi at SFC 11 back in August last year. What have you been working on in the gym ahead of your title fight with Luhasz Szarafiniah?

“I am improving every part of my game everyday including fitness, wrestling, strength and striking. At the end of the day it is a mixed martial arts fight so you must get better in all disciplines.”

You’re no stranger to title fights as you beat John Ross for the Forza Welterweight Championship back in May last year. Do you feel that experience will give you the edge in this contest?

“Having cage time does help but living and training MMA like I do separates me from anybody else.”

Is there a specific reason why you have decided to fight at lightweight rather than at welterweight?

“Cutting to 170lbs was too easy, 155lbs is my real fight weight.”

You train out of MXP, but who supports you come fight week especially with the added pressure of a weight cut?

“I have lots of support from all the family at MXP which helps keeping me motivated in the final week of my weight cut.”

It is three weeks until fight night, how has your training camp been? Are there any goals you want to achieve coming out of this camp?

“Yes, I set goals every week that further my progress not just as a fighter, but also as a person. That helps motivate me.”

You head into the Headhunters event with a 7-1 record. How confident are you that you will be 8-1 come Saturday, March 4?

“I’m currently 7-1, and I promise I’ll be 8-1 on Saturday.”

You mentioned your great team at MXP, but who will actually be in your corner for the fight?

“Both Adam Stevenson and Scott Drummed will be in my corner on fight night.”

How much do you know about your opponent Lukasz Szarafiniak and his style of fighting?

“I concentrate on myself more than my opponent, but I do watch videos back-and-forth to get a grasp and things that I will do in my fight.”

Lastly, what does 2017 have in store for Chris Duncan? What can we expect to see from you this year?

“I am hoping to turn professional this year and make a name for myself. I’m also looking to see a lot of progression and would like to train abroad as much as possible.”