Asylum Vale Tudo, or AVT, have a motto. That motto isn’t family friendly, it’s ‘WE FIGHT ANY C***’, and true to that motto, Jack ‘Thunderbolt’ Holt has stepped up on less than 24 hours notice to take on Callum Murrie at ACB 47 today. He’s also jumping up a couple of weight classes, no big deal…

The Sprawl spoke to Holt ahead of his trek to Glasgow, who had just enough time for a little quick-fire Q&A.

Can you give us a brief description of how you got into MMA?

I’ve always loved watching MMA, since first watching UFC when I was young. I remember watching legends like Matt Hughes and Chuck Liddell throw down and I was hooked ever since. Danny Mitchell [also fighting on ACB 47] then opened an MMA gym in my home town where he lives and the rest is history.

You usually fight at flyweight, does fighting at a higher weight (145lbs) bother you?

If I was training for a fight I would prefer it to be at bantamweight. I used to fight at 125lbs but that was before I started doing more strength and conditioning. Since this is a massive opportunity to snap up a last minute fight on a huge show, the weight difference does not bother me.

You’re making your pro debut on a huge show, how’s that going to affect your mindset?

I am going in there with nothing to lose and everything to gain. I am 2-1 as an amateur, so obviously I would have liked to gain more experience before fighting professionally, but how many times does an opportunity like this come around?

Your last fight was a six second knockout, can you talk us through it?

To be honest I was disappointed the fight was over so fast. I wanted to get more time in the cage to test my skill set, but if there happens to be a chance to finish the fight, I will jump on it.

Exactly how big are your testicles?

I actually have no testicles as I had them surgically removed to exit my mother’s womb because they were too big. Nah, I am joking, it’s all in your mindset. Even if I lose the fight, it will be an amazing experience and a lot of fun.

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