Warrior Fight Series have been kind enough to allow us exclusive access to their interview of top ranked semi-pro prospect Dominic Dillon ahead of his upcoming bout against PK Zadeh on WFS 4. He fills us in on his training routine, his thoughts on WFS as a promotion and his hopes for the future.

How is training going for your fight on WFS 4?

Very well, I train all year round so aside from making sure I’m a certain weight at a certain time, this is just normally what I do day in day out… Only part I dislike is the not eating.

You are taking on PK Zadeh, what do you know about him?

I know he’s been out of fighting for two years. I was actually there and watched his last fight at ECFF against Dean Simmons from BKK – a top gym as you know! I was very impressed with him; he really dominated with an interesting style!

Are you focusing on anything in particular for this bout?

Everything! I always work on weaknesses mainly but I’m a huge believer in work rate so my first session is at 7am right after my run!

The fight is for the title, what would it mean to take the belt home?

It will be awesome. I’m teased at the gym being called the belt collector since I hold so many but this title will be the crown on top of them all!

What did you learn in your last fight?

I always take something away from every fight I have I feel I learn and develop, my brother says I fight more then I train!  I finished with my favourite submission so guess I learnt that my time drilling was worth it!

This show is at the York Hall in London, does that add any pressure knowing the calibre of fighter that has fought there in the past?

I enjoy pressure and always feel that fighting is in some way reflecting the battles of great warriors of the past, so I really like that combat history being present at the venue.

WFS is a relatively new promotion only three shows deep, what do you know about them, and what do you think of what they’ve done so far?

I know that the main event on the last show has been touted as fight of the year so I think it is fast becoming the show to both watch and be a part of!

If you win your fight on August 1st, what is the next step in the short and long term future?

My next step is another fight!  In fact I’ve already arranged a pro fight in September so I’d say that’s next. Of course I’d love to come back on WFS again this year!

Do you have any final words for your opponent?

I never really get into that side of things. I think he’ll bring his game, I’ll bring mine and two warriors will go to war!

Are there any people you’d like to thank?

Yes I’d like to thanks my team my coaches Baruc Martin, Mario Fernandez, my brother the English BJJ  champ Oliver, my training partner Chris Hayes, my sponsors Warrior Fight Wear and Gym Bodies and most of all my girl friend Matilda Urie!




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