When Alfie Davis (6-1) put away Terry Doyle on his Cage Warriors debut back in April of 2016, it appeared that the promotion had found a new star at 155lbs. As it stands, Davis has yet to return to the CWFC cage and, currently, has no plans to do so.

“As it stands, CWFC prizes don’t meet my requirements,” Davis explained. “However, I believe that before long they will recognise my value and a collaboration may occur.”

See, Alfie Davis views himself as a prize fighter “and a bloody good one,” certainly one who seems to know his own value. As a bloody good prize fighter, he believes he deserves “prizes” that reflect this.

Fishgold is just another brawler, I am a different level of athlete.

That’s not to say Davis is ruling out the possibility of ever returning to the organisation – though he’s quite specific about his requirements, he’s open to competing for anyone who can meet them.

“‘The ARD show’ is happy to collaborate with any promotions if the prizes are right,” said Davis. “I believe I can be the best in the world, and whichever promotion has the means to test this hypothesis on the world stage is the one I want to fight for.”

And would the CWFC lightweight title fit the criteria of a ‘right prize’?

“Yes, the gold is of interest. Belts look good on me and I like collecting them. [Chris] Fishgold [current Cage Warriors lightweight champion] is just another brawler, I am a different level of athlete.

“I like collecting belts. Everyone wants to be the champ. However, I have more interest in being the best in the world. So whichever path allows me to prove that I am, I will follow.”

Collecting belts is something the London Shootfighter product will be looking to do over the next six weeks, stopping first at Lion Fighting Championships 11 this Sunday for their welterweight title, and again at FightStar Championship 9 in April for the promotion’s lightweight strap.

…finding opponents and worthy prizes has been hard work.

Given the current trend in MMA for champions to bounce between weight classes, are we likely to see Davis splitting his time between 155 and 170? And how will the step up in weight impact upon his performance against Martin Hudson at LFC?

“As a martial artist and the Grand Master of the #ARDspecials, I am very confident in controlling any body type,” said Davis. “This lanky dope will receive one of these #ARDspecials, then I may beat up some middleweights or heavyweights.”

Taking two title fights in the space of six weeks is a bold statement, especially given Davis’ relative inactivity – at least in the MMA cage – having competed just four times in the past two years. Accepting two quick, successive fights appears to have been a conscience decision to be more active in the sport and make up for lost time.

“A couple of setbacks and competing as a K1 athlete delayed my MMA career slightly. However, 2017 will be a year where you can witness a lot of #ARDshows and see me collecting a lot of prizes.

“I have been wanting to be get a lot more active. However, finding opponents and worthy prizes has been hard work. I am ready to rock ‘n’ roll all year round, so it makes sense for me to collect some more gold and more KOs for my highlight reel.”

Davis is keen to start collecting those highlight reels, and soon. In London Shootfighters, he believes he’s found the perfect place to make this happen.

“[London Shootfighters] has allowed me to improve my skills – great coaches and great team mates. I wanted to surround myself with the people that would allow me to be the best in the world, the fastest.”

If 2017 is to be the year of the #ARDshow, it begins this Sunday at Lion Fighting Championship 11, the path it’ll it take depends on the prizes.

Alfie Davis faces Martin Hudson at Lion Fighting Championships 11 at the Casino Rooms, Kent on March 12. Tickets are available HERE. He’s also set to take on Adam Boussif at FightStar Championship 9 at the Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre, London on April 22. Tickets for that show are available HERE.