Cage Warriors have today announced that they have teamed up with Phoenix Fight Nights head honcho Jimmy Johnstone, who will be spearheading their expansion into the South coast.

Having already acquired Newport’s Pain Pit Fight Nights in March 2016, this latest move is a clear indicator of CWFC’s intentions. When we heard the news earlier this week, we started to wonder what does this move mean for South coast MMA?

With Phoenix continuing to put on their own shows, Shock N Awe taking place just a short drive along the coast in Portsmouth, and Fusion Fighting a bit further inland in Surrey, there’s no shortage of popular MMA shows for fans to attend.

But one thing that Cage Warriors most certainly can offer is a platform. Although prelim bouts are not broadcast (meaning that up and coming fighters have to put the leg work in to get higher up the card), main card bouts are broadcast on both BT Sport and via Fightpass.

Exposure is everything for talented athletes – not only to attract lucrative sponsors, but for those hoping to go all the way, catching the eye of talent scouts is a boon. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have BT Sport highlights on your show reel.

Will the arrival of Cage Warriors have an impact on the other shows in the region? Whilst that remains to be seen, it’s likely that any exodus would be on the part of the athletes, rather than the fans; the lure of bright lights is often hard to resist.

The first CWFC event to take place along the South coast will be on June 24 at the O2 Academy, Bournemouth.

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