This coming Sunday, TUFF invitational returns to the UK Submission Grappling scene with a reinvention of its previous shows following a lengthy hiatus since the cancellation of its last scheduled event at the start of 2017.

In this event, rather than individual match ups between several different competitors, TUFF organisers have gone for an 8 man Grand Prix with the winner taking home a cool one thousand pound.

Each competitor will face each other over 7 rounds to determine the winner, with every submission the winner will be awarded 3 points and should the competitors draw at the end of the 10 minute round, they’ll each be awarded a point a piece. At the end of the seven rounds, the person at the top of the table will be declared the winner.

The competitors announced for the Kumite are as follows;

Daniel Crawford

Oliver Taza

Ross Nicholls

Tom Coffee

Jack Cronin

Kyle Monteith

Sean Harper

William Stone

The names that will stand out to most Grappling fans straight away, will be Ross Nicholls and Oliver Taza. Nicholls, a Roger Gracie black belt, has previously appeared on TUFF against Kwan Gracie and is scheduled to appear on Polaris 5 next month. Taza is a member of the DDS and is rapidly becoming one of the stars of the Submission Grappling scene, having recently won the ADCC trials in Poland. 

These two competitors will be the ones to watch as potential winners of the Kumite based on their previous successes but the dark horse could be Tom Coffee, who recently won the Sub Only Welsh open and NAGA UK expert division. Both of these men are more than capable of causing an upset and don’t be too surprised if he tops the table at the end of the day.