Tanko Submission Championship have today announced that its very first professional grappling event will feature two names well known not only to the UK BJJ scene, but also to MMA fans.

The co-main event has been confirmed as a heavyweight match between Kameron Atakuru and Marc Goddard. Atakaru is a brown belt in BJJ, now training under Darren Morris at ASW and a long time practitioner of various grappling arts including Luta Livre. Goddard is a renowned MMA referee and black belt in BJJ under Braulio Estima. 

Both of these men have cross-trained considerably during their martial arts careers and will bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the mat when they go head-to-head. Atakuru has been an active competitor on the UK grappling scene for a number of years but Goddard has recently turned his attention back to competing and having just recently received his black belt, he’ll be keen to make an impression in this match.

Tanko Submission Championships is scheduled to take place on May 14 in Manchester.