Submission Underground 3 competitor, Gary Tonon, today announced on his social media that his original opponent for this weekend’s show, Hector Lombard, has withdrawn from their match-up for unknown reasons. In his place will be former UFC middleweight contender and current Bellator fighter, Mr Chael P Sonnen.

Fresh from his submission loss to Tito Ortiz this past weekend, Sonnen has opted to throw himself into the fire with a bout against Tonon, especially with the criticism thrown his way following his poor submission defence in the fight with Ortiz. Sonnen is no stranger to Submission Grappling events, having previously faced the legendary Andre Galvao back at Metamoris 4, although, unsurprisingly Sonnen was submitted then.

It’ll be interesting to see how Sonnen approaches this match against a far greater submission threat than Ortiz, albeit the matches are being held in different circumstances and under different rules, but if Sonnen defends like he did this past Saturday, then it’ll be a short night’s work for Tonon.

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