Last night, Lucas Barbosa upset the odds with a stellar performance to win the light-heavyweight Grand Prix, beating Nick Schrock by referee decision in the final. The biggest upset of the night though was Leandro Lo losing in the first round of matches to savvy veteran, Tarsis Humphreys, who kept Lo on the back foot throughout their match with an offensive game plan that earned him the nod in the referee’s decision.

Five Grappling Full Results

Light-heavyweight Grand Prix First Round

Nick Schrock def. Ezra Lenon via submission (choke from back)
Tanner Rice def. Eliot Kelly via referee decision
Tarsis Humphreys def. Leandro Lo via referee decision
Lucas Barbosa def. Marcel Louzado via DQ 


Nick Schrock def. Tanner Rice via referee decision (split)
Lucas Barbosa def. Tarsis Humphreys via referee decision

Third Place Bout

Tanner Rice def. Tarsis Humphreys via submission (footlock)


Lucas Barbosa def. Nick Schrock via referee decision


Peter Frank def. Michael Liera Jr via referee decision
Tammi Musumeci def. Jena Bishop via submission (palm-to-palm crank)
Bia Mesquita def. Talita Alencar via referee decision
Gabi Mcomb def. Catherine Perret via referee decision
Renato Canuto def. Sergio Rios via referee decision
Baret Yoshida def. Ron Henderson via submission (bow and arrow choke)
Fabricio Camoes def. Stephen Martinez via referee decision
Sergio Hernandez def. Alfredo Barum via submission (neck crank)
Tim Pablo def. Noah Tillis via submission (brabo choke)
Ricardo Feliciano def. Morgan Mainz via referee decision
Brent Buskirk def. Nathan Murphy via submission (triangle and armbar)
Hugo Marques def. Jhonny Sousa via submission (choke from back)
Bailey Lopp def. Xavier Silva via referee decision
Ricardo Rea def. Mike Khatchikian via referee decision