This weekend, one of the most decorated competitors in Jiu Jitsu will make his Fight To Win debut, when Jeff Curran faces the legendary Caio Terra.

Competing in one of the lightest weight classes in BJJ, Terra has never been one to shy away from a challenge and has successfully competed and won open weight divisions in the past, something a lot of his peers in the lighter weight classes shy away from. Terra’s slim frame has led to him develop an extremely efficient and technical Jiu Jitsu style that has brought him success over the past decade and has also made him a devastating submission specialist in Gi and No-Gi competition, winning the bulk of his black belt matches via submission.

Terra’s opponent will be known to MMA fans, Jeff ‘Big Frog’ Curran has been around the sport for a long time, competing in the UFC as well as the WEC and various other promotions throughout his career. Curran is also a third degree black belt under Pedro Sauer, a Rickson Gracie Black Belt and considered one of the most technical teachers of BJJ on the planet.

‘Big Frog’ has 21 Submission wins on his MMA record and with him and Terra being such active submission hunters, don’t expect to see this match go the distance.

Fight To Win Pro 33 Full Card:

142lbs Gi super match: Caio Terra (CTA Brasa) vs. Jeff Curran (Curran)
180lbs Black Belt Gi: Mark Vives (Bonsai New Breed) vs. Leo Perez (Alliance)
185lbs Black Belt Gi: Antoine Evans (Carlson Gracie) vs. Tk Oates (Valko BJJ)
175lbs Black Belt Gi: Andre Leite (Soul Fighters) vs. Tristan Espirtu (Bodhi Collaborative)
190lbs Black Belt Gi: Tony Williams (Carlson Gracie) vs. Jeff Serafin (Serafin BJJ)
185lbs Black Belt Gi: Mike Cimm (Bonsai) vs. Cristiano Ribeiro (CRBJJ)
200lbs Black Belt Gi: Tommy Woodruff (Core) vs. Donnell Etienne (Team Corral)
170lbs Black Belt Gi: Rajic Alexander (Chicago MMA) vs. Willaim Von Hoene (Carlson Gracie)
205lbs Black Belt Gi: Carlos Archila (Lake County BJJ) vs. Ilya Bodnya (Serafin BJJ)
185lbs Brown Belt No-Gi: James Oshea (TDC MMA) vs. Ashur Darmo (Bonsai)
160lbs Brown Belt Gi: Aaron Brooks (Carlson Gracie) vs. Adrian Sandoval (UGF)
190lbs Brown Belt Gi: TBA vs. Matt Leighton (Tipping Point BJJ)
185lbs Brown Belt No-Gi: Josh Passini (10th Planet) vs. Travis Hardee (Carlson Gracie)
165lbs Brown Belt Gi: Jeff Yumul (Rio Martial Arts) vs. Blake Klassman (Serafin MMA)
205lbs Brown Belt Gi: Adam Maslach (Uflacker Academy) vs. Mike Rhoades (Roufous Sport)
150lbs Brown Belt Gi: Eric Boleaga (BMA) vs. Brandon Reilly (Alliance)
150lbs Brown Belt No-Gi: Said Hatim (Mission MMA vs. Bill Novak (Uflacker Academy)
185lbs Purple Belt Gi: Nick Spacek (Bonsai) vs. Michael Mutter (Carlson Gracie)
135lbs Purple Belt Gi: Cristina Anaya (Soul Fighters) vs. Dania AJ (Brasa)
Heavyweight Purple Belt No-Gi:  John Mejia (10th Planet) vs. Ryan Salisbury (Carlson Gracie)
150lbs Purple Belt Gi: Krystal Mckenzie (Alliance) vs. Amber Kamischke (Brasa)
155lbs Purple Belt Gi: Teody Lopez (Bonsai) vs. Kyle Perkins (Team Curran)
156lbs Purple Belt No-Gi: Paul Do (Brazil 021) vs. Daniel Villanueva (LCCT)
122lbs Purple Belt Gi: Taylor Biagi (New Breed) vs. Adrienne Einikis (Carlson Gracie)
185lbs Purple Belt Gi: Elias Cepeda (TDC MMA) vs. Miguel Gamez Jr (Alliance)
135lbs Purple Belt Gi: Gabriel Clarito (New Breed) vs. Pierre Pires (Soul Fighters)
155lbs Teen Blue Belt Gi: Alex Salas (Carlson Gracie) vs. Andrew Licata (Bodhi Collaborative)
103lbs Orange Belt No-Gi: Victor Ceja (Miguel Torres MMA) vs. Connor Nagela (Corral BJJ)
90lbs Yellow Belt Gi: Pauly Westhoff (Carlson Gracie) vs. Zain Javan (Soul Fighters)
65lbs Yellow Belt Gi: Logan Saller (Gracie Barra) vs. Matthew Tuley (Soul Fighters)