Results from Fight To Win Pro 32 are here, just move your eyes down the page.

Fight To Win Pro 32 Results (see?):

Black Belt

Andris Brunovskis def. John Combs via submission (knee bar) Submission of the Night
Mark Vives def. Pablo Castro Split Decision Fight of the Night
Christopher Kreibel def. John Lawrence via submission (armbar)
Micah Crouse def. Darren Branch via submission (toe hold)
David LaMagna def. Paul Bartholet via unanimous decision
Tommy Costa def. Rob Hileman via unanimous decision
Louis Armezzani def. BJ Nelson via unanimous decision
Jay Wadsworth def. Michael Mihas via submission (ankle lock)

Brown Belt

Chris Mierzwiak def. William Overton via submission (arm lock)
Christopher Robert Burke def. Carlo Claridad via unanimous decision
Andrew Sabatino def. Eric Parker via unanimous decision
Daniel Sweeney def. Carlos Mendez via submission (cross collar choke)
Chris Collins def. Brad Bukovics via unanimous decision
Zac Scott def. Brett Rix via unanimous decision
Jon Borrows def. Tom Scala via submission (arm lock)
Tom Kozlowski def. Erick Waller via submission (triangle choke) Submission of the Night
Nikki Sullivan def. Jessica Eye via unanimous decision Fight of the Night

Purple Belt

Jacob Propst def. Adam Nail via unanimous decision
Chris Roberson def. Jared Bergen via submission (clock choke)
Scott Cook def. Chris Pirro via unanimous decision
Xander Harwood def. Kyle Hido via submission (rear-naked choke)
Mike Hluhan def. Tim Hartzell via submission (toe hold) Submission of the Night
Emil Fischer def. Garry Hashman via submission (armbar)
Gabriella McAuliffe def. Tamara Leonard via unanimous decision
Ricardo Mejia def. Tim Plazak via unanimous decision
Marcus Crawford def. Tommy Betancourt via submission (flying triangle choke)
Pedro Allheart Zapata Jr. def. Travis Clark via split decision


Thomas Ceculski III def. Haven Lefay via unanimous decision
Izzy Cochran def. Alyssa Pirro via split decision
Pito Castro def. JC Morgan Guilotene Submission of the Night