Last night the welterweight edition of the Eddie Bravo Invitational (EBi) went down and (surprise surprise) it was won by the favourite and now THREE-time EBi champion, Gordon Ryan. Submitting all four opponents in regulation on his way to the title, Ryan made this win look a lot easier than his previous appearances and it’s going to take something special to beat the Danaher Death Squad member under this rule set.

As always in this tournament, there’s a competitor who surprises everyone with their performance. This time around it was Australian grappler, Craig Jones, who pulled off the shock of the night when he submitted Nathan Orchard via heel hook. Jones then went on to submit Darragh O’Conaill before losing out to Vagner Rocha in the semi final overtime rounds. 

Jones is definitely a talent to keep an eye on in future tournaments.

Eddie Bravo Invitational Full Results:

First Round

Gordon Ryan def. Jean Paul Lebosnoyani via submission (rear-naked choke)
Chris McKarski advances due to an injury sustained by Dustin Akbari 
Marcel Goncalves def. Oliver Taza in overtime (fastest escape)
Dan Borovic def. Kyle Griffin via submission (mounted triangle/kimura)
Sergio Ardila def. Richie Martinez via submission (straight foot lock)
Vagner Rocha def. Joe Baize in overtime (fastest submission)
Darragh O’Conaill def. Jose Llanas in overtime (fastest submission)
Craig Jones def. Nathan Orchard via submission (inside heel hook)

Quarter Finals

Gordon Ryan def. Chris McKarski via submission (guillotine choke)
Marcel Goncalves defeated Dan Borovic in overtime (fastest escape)
Vagner Rocha defeated Sergio Ardila via submission (palm-to-palm choke)
Craig Jones defeated Darragh O’Conaill via submission (kneebar)

Semi Finals

Gordon Ryan def. Marcel Goncalves via submission (cross face choke from the back)
Vagner Rocha def. Craig Jones in overtime (fastest escape)


Gordon Ryan def. Vagner Rocha by way of RNC

Combat Jiu Jitsu

Chad George def. JM Holland via submission (d’arce choke)
Nick Honstein def. Sheridan Moran in overtime
Nick Honstein def. Chad George via submission (twister)