Yesterday, Marcelo Garcia made the unusual decision to go public and announce that Dillon Danis and Mansher Khera have been asked to leave the academy indefinitely, following some behaviour that has displeased the Jiu Jitsu legend.

Garcia hinted at the fact that social media shenanigans have played a part in his decision, but also that he blames himself partly for not being at the academy as often as he would like, due to problems in his personal life (Garcia lost a son in 2014 following a premature birth). He has also been in Brazil recently caring for his father, who is understood to be in poor health.

Both Khera and Danis are two of Garcia’s most prolific and decorated competitors and it will be a blow to the academy to lose them for this period however, Garcia is openly thought of as the nicest man in Jiu Jitsu by the community and likely didn’t take this decision lightly.

The full video can be found below: